impression AND expression

We’ve already made a small mention of Mary’s song. I wonder if it was the kind of song that could be “belted out”? She was certainly full of joy and amazement!

And you might know, that my choice for “today’s Mary” can really belt out a song! No wonder I get excited every time I hear her sing, plus the fact that it’s beginning to feel like Christmas when she sings for us, since we always just have to have her on our Christmas Letter DVD. In fact, I should try to get her to do “Sing Mary, Sing!” next time–a number that would suit her, giving her a chance to really “belt it out”!

Music is so important. The other day I read this:

“There are more songs about Jesus Christ than anything or anyone else, even love. Christianity is a singing faith! That’s why you need to be a part of a local church. It’s not just about listening to a weekly message from the Bible. At least once a week, you need the emotional expression that comes from singing thanks to God. If you don’t, your heart will shrivel. You can’t be a healthy Christian on sermons alone. You need both the impression from the message and the expression through the music.” (Rick Warren)

That was the second or third time, in a few days, that there was something about being part of a local church… made me feel kind of… lonely? lost? longing? Even though we’ve only just begun our church-search (though hopefully we won’t take too long about it!)

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