Angels and babies

A loooong letter, might be enough to get the message across, but he didn’t stop there. Even though it is long enough for two testaments. Living a perfect human life might have been enough. But extra was included: he gave sight to the blind, made the lame walk, healed lepers, raised the dead to life.

Zachariah, Mary and Joseph could have simply received “strong urges”, about the big events coming in their lives. But God chose to send angels.


God has such a strong desire to speak to us. Just look at all the wonderful words and stories in the Bible. So much there!

On the other hand, he could have simply blazoned the words across the sky: “I love you!” But he chose to send Jesus.

And, he could have just had Jesus “appear” as a miracle-wielding, amazing sort of man. But he came as a baby. Not just a baby that appeared out of nowhere either, but born of a woman. All that mess included.

I shall never, ever, in all my days, cease to be amazed… God: in the human flesh of a tiny baby.

baby roseanne

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