Someone wants to talk to you.

That all seems like so long ago. The written word, and the Sent Word… thousands and thousands of years ago. What is it that makes them come alive today?

It’s because God has a strong desire to speak to you. You, sitting there, today. That’s why he puts life into those words he caused people to write, that’s why he brought Jesus back to life, and we still celebrate his birth.

And! The idea that God still desires to speak to me this day, and in my everyday life, fills me with excitement! Every morning as I begin my devotionals, I’m excited to see what God has to say to me, or where he might lead me, today! As a friend has said, it’s not necessarily a “running conversation”. Sometimes it’s just an urge, and often you just have to trust that God is guiding the decisions you make.

I recently made some notes about hearing the voice of God. Of course, you have to be living in obedience, in the first place, otherwise you may come up with some pretty weird things that you think God has said (plus, he will NEVER contradict his written Word). And as far as obedience goes–there is a type of obedience that is happy to just aim and hit somewhere on the target, and there is another kind of obedience that aims for the Bull’s Eye.

The next thing required to hear God speaking to you, is to desire it! Then you need to have a quiet time. “Hurry is the death of prayer”, prayer being a LISTENING time, and not all ASKING. Unless you start with some questions…

The Bible says he gives freely to those who ask. So go ahead–ask him a question! Then be sure to write things down, even if you just make some point form notes to read over later.

Remember, you are not waiting for God, he is waiting for you.

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