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Big Dreams

Lots of questions for me to work on, in today’s “Daily Hope”. As usual, Rick Warren says some pretty neat things, like: “Faith is choosing and believing God’s dream for your life. Nothing starts happening in your life until you … Continue reading

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Interval Walking, working towards Spring!!!

Was thinking of not cross-posting to facebook (there’s been a lot of teasing about people who “boast”/talk about their workouts, lol)… but this post helps to show that I’m not always talking about “church stuff”! :D Plus, it might cheer … Continue reading

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A few words mean a lot.

You know how I love organization. Which fits so well with my Word for 2014: “plan”. EDIT: this turned out a bit longer than I intended, so if you’re rushed, skip down to the bolded part–an important revelation! Pastor Tim … Continue reading

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Watch out for those automatic responses…

We had a wonderful visit from my parents (as usual), and we won’t talk about who won at cards, because some people don’t like it when you “gloat”… That’s trivial, really, but it’s still a segue into this paragraph about … Continue reading

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plans, goals, focus…

“There’s awesome power in a focused life. Diffused light doesn’t have much of an effect on what it touches. But when you focus light — like the sun’s light through a magnifying glass — you can light a piece of … Continue reading

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Wild Cards for a Winning Hand

My parents are coming for a visit tomorrow, and one of our favourite things to do together, is play cards. If you’ve ever played cards, you know how important the wild cards are. You can’t help what you’ve been dealt, … Continue reading

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Sunday Stuff

“Taking care of your body is a spiritual discipline, like prayer, worship, or Bible study… When you take care of your body, you worship God.” (RW) We talked about this the other day, but it bears repeating. After all, God … Continue reading

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Facebook Hints

I’ve got some friends newly on Facebook, and every once in awhile you see people who are deciding to delete their Facebook account because it’s too distracting for them. Of course, everyone is different in what they are able to … Continue reading

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heartily and freely

Since I’m supposed to get input from others, I’m just going to ask you: what do YOU think my gifts are? Thing is, I’ve done this so many times already, it seems… It’s come up again because of the Perspectives … Continue reading

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Consider this

Apparently there are a lot of doctors who say that “most people could leave the hospital today if they could get rid of their worries, guilt, and resentment.” It’s not just what you eat that destroys your health — it’s … Continue reading

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