making use of the food overdose

Wow! I’ve just totaled it all up, and what with going out to celebrate, going out with groups, ordering out to celebrate, ordering out because-the-cook-is-sick… in the month of December we ate restaurant food ELEVEN TIMES!!! Add to that a different homemade treat every week for 4 weeks, plus some other homemade treats, plus stocking-treats, as well as some gift-treats (not all sweet)… No wonder I sometimes feel totally sick and tired of this Life is All About Food thing (of which I’m the biggest perpetrator)! It usually only lasts for about half an hour, but still…

Awhile ago I gave up on diets, choosing instead to focus on fitness (by which I mean exercise). But Rej has come across a couple of diets he wanted to try. First it was the Military Diet, and now it’s the Fast Diet (you fast for 2 non-consecutive days, “fasting” meaning you can still have 500/600 calories). I’m going to actually enjoy the fast days, just as a protest to myself… If it’s ever hard, I’ll just whisper to my brain: “December!”

Meanwhile, the church we’re currently attending is starting off the new year with a week of prayer, called “In His Presence”. They keep the sanctuary open for most of the day, Mon-Fri, and have worship music at certain times, and “alone time” at other times. And their first Sunday was a healing service, during which they anoint everyone with oil and pray for healing in their lives. What a great way to start the year!

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