The Whole Universe

Just some quick notes about my One Word for 2014 (“plan”): yes, God has a plan for my life, but the most exciting thing is that the whole reason for that plan for my life, is that it has a role to play in the larger plan for the whole universe!

Pastor Tim has mentioned that a couple of times now, that his hope for that church (where today they are having “Installation Services” for him) is that it won’t be just about them, but about the greater community, and the “whole universe”. Eph. 4:10 (He was, after all, a missionary.) Someone else prayed that the church would be marked “not for the seating capacity, but for its sending capacity”, and that prayer would be like a war-time walkie-talkie to the Commander-in-Chief. Sounds like these guys took the Perspectives course too! :)

OK, let’s just say what church it is: we’ve been going to, for now, First Alliance Church, which is pretty well the next closest church to us. In many ways it is like our old one; and the funny thing is that I remember how we used to think that no other church had such great worship music, and no other church had candlelight Christmas Eve services, etc. etc. (Actually many of them do, these days, on both counts!)

bright sunrise, through mom and dad's trees

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  1. crazycathie says:

    Today is the day that I said to myself at church this morning: “This is the church I want for my own!” (Because of the missionary focus of course.)

    Rej said already (last week?) that it felt like home–not to me, just because of 32 years at GS. That will come when we begin to get involved.

    Just waiting for Sam to be able to go another time or two (he’s only been once), before we “officially” decide…

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