Watch out for those automatic responses…

We had a wonderful visit from my parents (as usual), and we won’t talk about who won at cards, because some people don’t like it when you “gloat”…

That’s trivial, really, but it’s still a segue into this paragraph about forgiveness. There’s nothing going on in my own life that involves forgiveness (that I know of), but this quote kind of goes along with what I’ve often said before–that people too often will make excuses when someone admits a wrong, instead of just allowing them to confess–which has a healing effect.

Forgiveness is only for the big stuff. You don’t use it for slights that are just minor issues. If something really requires forgiveness, then you should not minimize it when somebody asks you for forgiveness. You shouldn’t say it wasn’t a big deal. It was a big deal! If it wasn’t a big deal, just say, “You don’t need to ask forgiveness.” But if it is a big deal, then you need to admit it. (RW)

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