Yellow Roses

OH my, I have so much to do today…. finish my coffee, finish the cup-cosy I’m crocheting for myself, read some newsletters, work on my puzzle…. :P

And I don’t know why I’m so childish, but it’s February and I’m excited!! Because it’s FEBRUARY!! I get to take out all my heart decorations (something else to do!)

Maybe it has just a little to do with the off-and-on tinge of sadness (just a “tinge”) that I’ve been feeling about church. The worship on Sunday mornings is quite wonderful, and the messages have been great. But there’s a whole feeling missing–the feeling of being related to the church for 32 years. :(

It’s not that I miss the “old” church specifically (which surprises me)… there is no desire to go back there. We may miss the way it used to be, but things certainly can’t stay the same either. (I used to worry about saddening anyone from there who might read this, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone left there who ever even goes on the internet… They tried to update their website, a couple of them even said they were going to make specific posts, and there were lots of clear instructions, but it was never done. They just don’t do internet, it seems.)

Anyway, something really neat happened this morning. The speaker shared a story that she had gotten from Sue Wilkenson! Sue was an old-time friend from our old church, who once sent a loving get-well card to Sam, after he had his appendix out (9 years ago). And the story is such a wonderful testimony of God’s love & grace:

Sue is now a chaplain, and someone had given her a boquet of yellow roses, as a thank you gift. On her way home with them, she had to stop and get some groceries. Of course, she was going to just leave the boquet in the car, but something told her to bring three of them with her. So after she had gotten the groceries and was in line to pay for them, she saw the roses there in the cart. Just ahead of her was an older lady who had just finished paying for her groceries. Sue took out the roses and said they were just for her….

That lady, a stranger, wondered how Sue possibly could have known: that day was the anniversary of her husband’s death, her husband who used to always giver her… three. yellow. roses.     !!!

Not much more I can add to that!

squirrel poking its head out of the snow

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