Word is the word.

If this “one word daily” thing simply serves to get me thinking, it’s still fun. Yesterday’s word was actually talked about here recently, from that sermon where Tim mentioned the “celebration” of repentance. But yesterday I thought about another meaning of the word “repent”. Did you know that the Bible actually points out that God sometimes repents?

Because “repent” actually means “change of heart”. God often had a change of heart about the calamity he’d planned, when people repented (usual use of the word) of their sin. I’m sure he knew all along that he’d be changing his mind, but still.

We’ve had some “change of heart” in this household recently. We’ve been sooooo sick and tired of diets, that we thought we’d never do any of that again! And I’m speaking of TWO different dieting things.

  1. I’d given up on diets to lose weight, but Rej really wanted to try this “fast diet”, also called the 5:2 diet–and it’s working!! (You don’t totally fast, by the way.)
  2. The diet that Sam did for two years to get rid of the “gut bugs” seemed to work for awhile, and then the acid problems slowly got worse again. Now we’ve found something much more modern, much easier and shorter, and our hopes are high! (It’s called the “Low FODMAP Elimination Diet”.)

If you’d like any more info on either of these, just let me know!

Today’s word to think about: Word. :)  (meaning God’s Word of course). Jesus used it when he was tempted in the desert, Ephesians refers to it, and Rick Warren reminds us how important it is to give us courage to stand up against the popular worldviews of this day.

bright sunrise, through mom and dad's trees

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