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Yesterday’s word was “peace”, which came up in my morning readings, and then I came across it a couple of times during the day as well.

Today’s word is “work vs timidity”… :S OK, OK…. let’s make it “courage”. Jesus warned his followers about being unpopular because they follow him, and the Philippians were praised for their perseverance. And Timothy was highly praised by Paul, even though he started out as a timid person.

I have two devotional emails to read every day, one of them being just a short paragraph before the description of the unreached people to pray for. Both of these today (actually, I keep one day behind) had practically the same sentence, with–“use the gifts God has given us”. So you see where the “work” comes in. Daily Hope talks about developing your gifts in order to fulfill your calling.

Now, just to show you that I do NOT think Rick Warren is the “be all and end all” (as much as I do enjoy his devotionals), here’s something he said this morning that I disagree with: “To what daily tasks do you give your best? Do you give the same effort to your ministry and calling?”

Excuse me, but my daily tasks ARE my ministry and calling. ;)

As well as other things I should be doing though I guess, like when we eventually get more involved in a church; or like posting here instead of skipping so many days. :S  And having courage to talk about issues where I would be against popular opinion.

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