Too late, it’s already been done.

Courage (the word for yesterday) is something I want to come back to, and practice; since it’s something I need to work on, as far as talking about issues.

For today though, I believe the word should be “work”. I continue to read about doing the work that God has prepared for me to do, but also, there was the reminder this morning that you cannot work your way into heaven… as much as you might have preferred to do that. “You won’t get to Heaven based on what you do. You get to Heaven based on what has already been done for you by Jesus Christ.” (see Romans 3:24)

Another reason I’m thinking of the word “work”, is because of my todo list: now that the taxes have been done, the files need to be cleaned out; there’s more low-fodmap baking to be done; and we still haven’t finished applying for new passports!

BUT, my Walking Workout has already been done for today… and for this season, YAY! Since we were already out (to take the truck in for it’s trailer brakes) and the rainfall looked rather imminent, I decided to get that done before the worse weather. My plan has been to do two weeks of each of the Beginner’s, Intermediate, and Advanced walking workout–an interval training one, where you do one minute fast and two minutes slower. Each graduation simply adds on more intervals, the last one being about 45 minutes of intervals. It was a pretty good workout, let me tell you! Didn’t think I needed stretches after “just a walk”, but my legs have been sore!

Anyway, I’m always glad for a change of routine. Now that those are done, I’m looking forward to really “just walking”, and enjoying the upcoming lovely weather (have faith!) It’ll be a little “holiday”–after Easter will be time to prepare for running again… which I believe is actually easier than “walking as fast as possible”.

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