Some of these “words of the day” could be easily made to fit anywhere, but today’s word, “Kingdom”, is especially prevalent in the parables Jesus told (in today’s reading) to show that not only is God’s Kingdom “to come”, but it had/has already begun in the hearts of believers–resulting in being shown in their character, among other things.

And again, my two email devotionals (from entirely different sources), mention an exact same verse: a long-time favourite of mine, Isaiah 40:29-31, where it talks about giving strength to the weary, and power to the weak (hover your mouse over the reference to see the whole thing). This is part of how God’s kingdom grows! (I like the idea that even youths get weary… I liked it when I was young, and I like it now that I’m “old”. :) )

The parable about the Kingdom being like a tiny mustard seed that grows to a huge tree, takes on some special meaning for me today. It feels like I’m not doing very much to further God’s Kingdom at this time–but “this time” is simply a tiny seed of what will be! Preparing special-diet meals, for example, will eventually result in a healthy body that is able to do much for God.

“Through Christians like yourselves gathered in churches, this extraordinary plan of God is becoming known and talked about even among the angels! All this is proceeding along lines planned all along by God and then executed in Christ Jesus.” (Ephesians 3:10-11)

bright sunrise, through mom and dad's trees

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