Now I want to assure you, that we’re not just trying to copy people… those friends who sold their home and bought a new one in the space of about two weeks; and other friends who said they were in no hurry but were thinking of downsizing, and suddenly they’d bought a new “upsized” home.

My sister though, was already talking about moving by the time we were thinking about it. Plus, my niece just moved, and another niece is looking for a new home… There does seem to be an explosion of moving people!

I’ve been trying to calm myself by thinking about things that would make me truly happy about a new home. Like maybe, a fireplace on the main floor, or a screened-in porch. And we have to have 3 floors, and a place to sit outside… I can’t help thinking that there will be something that is SO perfect, or that has some little amazing thing that we weren’t expecting, that will confirm to us that it’s something we really should do… Naive perhaps!

Anyway, today’s word is “renewal”. And what that has to do with anything…. maybe I’ll know by the end of the day. ;)

Proverbs 19:21

head shot from Crystal's wedding

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