no going along with the crowd

Others are starting to get excited now, about us moving to Ottawa; but I should say–we haven’t actually, totally, for-sure decided on it yet. That decision will come:

  • once we know what we could get for our present home (and maybe it’s not as much as we think, since most people, like the real estate agent said, would have moved 5 or 6 times in our 33 years here… not sure how that would change things);
  • then we see what’s available for that price in Ottawa, and whether or not it meets our needs.

Meanwhile, we’re still figuring out what those needs actually are; but we’re getting close to knowing ourselves, haha.

Spring must be coming, we heard a baseball game last night! Oh, and they actually WON!! :)

Word for today: “family”.

“And so I insist – and God backs me up on this – that there be no going along with the crowd, the empty-headed, mindless crowd. They’ve refused for so long to deal with God that they’ve lost touch not only with God but with reality itself. They can’t think straight anymore. Feeling no pain, they let themselves go in sexual obsession, addicted to every sort of perversion. But that’s no life for you. You learned Christ!” (Ephesians 4:17-20)

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DISCLAIMER: I am NOT insinuating that my family is the “mindless crowd”, LOL!


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