There’s been a picture playing in my mind recently, from when we were kids, in the summertime. My parents had put in a big pool in the back yard, to keep us at home. There were/are two different kinds of people: those (like myself) who would go into the cool water very gradually, wanting to and not wanting to at the same time; and those (like my Dad and Grandfather) who would just jump in.

Often, someone (like my Dad) would come along and without warning, pick you up and just throw you in! After the initial shock, you would actually be quite glad they’d done it–you got to enjoy the refreshment much sooner. :D

Sam and I are slow-starters…. but Rej has managed to “throw us in the pool”, and get us going on a probable move to Ottawa. ;) Now that we’re getting into it, I’d almost forgotten this picture; but this morning I read:

When my kids were little, I used to stand at the edge of the pool in the water and say, “Trust me. Jump to me.” They were always afraid. Is he strong enough to catch me? Are his hands slippery? What happens if he doesn’t catch me? But finally they would get up enough faith to jump into my arms, and of course I would catch them. Then they’d want to do it a hundred more times!

Your Father is waiting for you to jump today. He’s saying, “Trust me. I can be trusted. I’m working behind the scenes. And I can handle anything you give me.” (Rick Warren)

Neat eh?

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