we are ALL transients

Every time we come home in between real estate showings of our home, Dustie comes out of hiding and stands there looking at me as if to say “What the *heck* is going on??” Maybe all this will train her a little for the ordeal that’s ahead, for when we actually have to move. I’m going to drop in to the vet’s and ask for some kind of calming pill to give her though. (Apparently you can’t give cats sleeping pills, since it’s not natural for them to be sound asleep, and waking up from that would be more upsetting for them than anything.)

We started with looking for a new church, now a new home, and hopefully that won’t lead to having to look for a new kitty!

It’s been two days now, of having to keep everything “just so”, to give the best possible impression of our home. Even harder though, is sitting around waiting for the next real estate agent. And there have been a couple of no-shows. We thought we may as well sit at home sometimes, rather than always be in a mall; however, that means you can’t take anything out to work on, since you expect them any moment; so I don’t think we’ll keep doing it that way. Today will be different because of church and then Small Group. Sam has escaped to his friend’s place for one day.

And then Monday and Tuesday we have appointments and parcels expected, so we’ll have to see how that goes!

Another thing that one can learn from this, is about possessions. The staging-lady sure put up a lot of nice art work, etc., and it’s made me realize how shabby some of my own stuff was/is. If we have any extra money, I might buy some actual art work, versus putting up calendar pictures. I must remind myself though of this idea I’ve seen before: use frames for things like child drawings, or nice wrapping paper, etc. It makes them look like art!

The lesson I started to talk about though, is of course the idea that possessions are not important. In fact, pulling up roots and moving is good for you–it helps to point out that life itself is only temporary; at least life on Earth. We definitely need reminders that there are things that are more important, much more valuable in fact…. things you can’t really touch or hold on to.

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