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It’s hard to believe that we only had three nights of eating out every night, the fourth was take-out, and the fifth (yesterday) we decided not to care anymore–not to care about the myriad people going through our home, not to jump up and leave the house every time someone came. This morning it feels sooooo good to be able to leave the toaster out, along with the coffee things, etc. That part has been going on for a whole week! (Since we had to be ready for the photos.)

As soon as we heard yesterday afternoon, that there were a couple of offers, we headed home with our McDonald’s snack. There were still (potential) buyers looking through when I began to cook and bake in the kitchen. In fact, their agent had to stop us from saying too much a couple of times, when he had some questions (“It’s OK, it’s OK, I was just wondering…”)

There had actually been three offers, but the best one, strangely, withdrew. Which made us a bit nervous about whether that would happen to the other two. But we’d stopped “bending over backwards”–enough of that, no matter what.

The people looking around left… and came back after about 20 minutes (they must have been discussing it in their car). You could see the longing in the young man’s eyes, and he told me that it was a beautiful home. The agent said he’d asked our agent not to accept any offers until he got there. So it was not really a “bidding war”–there were simply three offers, and our agent took the best one…. but of course, that third one might have asked how much he’d have to “better” the other two.

So it ended up being the Last couple that saw the place, who bought–the ones who looked at it after we’d stopped “staging”! Mind you, besides the paper signing we did yesterday, we also have to get the deposit from them before it’s really “official”.

Meanwhile, we’re making House-Hunting plans!

“Your words are so choice, so tasty; I prefer them to the best home cooking. With your instruction, I understand life; that’s why I hate false propaganda.” (Psalm 119:103-104

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