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It was only about a month ago that I told Rej “there’s no way we could be ready to move this Spring, maybe next Spring”… Okay, so I was wrong about that. But then he kept saying that our closing date (June 30th) meant that we probably would end up living in our trailer for awhile, and I said “I’m quite sure we’ll be able to work out a closing date for the new home to line up fine with our sell-closing”. I was also pretty sure we’d be able to pick out our new home pretty quickly (after all, we’d been looking quite a bit on the internet). In fact, we found one the first day of looking!

This home was one I’d looked at, on the internet, way before Easter. The very first photo of the front made me exclaim about how beautiful it looked, and I thought of showing it to Mom and getting her to exclaim over it too (but can’t remember if I did show them, since we were all involved in Easter dinner). When I described it all to Rej, he began to talk about it and tell everyone about the totally bricked back yard and the hot tub.

It was one of the first on the list we gave the sales agent, for him to make appointments for us to see. We must have looked at 10 homes that day (Monday), and Rej kept asking about the one with the hot tub… the agent wasn’t sure he remembered one like that. Each home that we looked at seemed progressively better, but they all had some little thing that was not quite right. The last one on the list to see was the one we ended up buying… we could not think of anything we didn’t like (except the sidewalk cutting the driveway in half)–and more than that, we loved it! (Of course, we thought of some other small things later… like the carpet on the stairs, older appliances, etc. Not much.)

When we went to put the offer in, we discovered that they already had an offer which they had verbally agreed to. But some of the parties involved were not nearby, so we legally had a chance. To be fair, they did end up bringing in the other offering people’s agent. Our agent had us sitting outside in the car, so we could be ready to change anything if the offer wasn’t satisfactory. Turns out the only thing the owners wanted changed, was more money. He wouldn’t give us a price, so we had to guess on that… so instead of the below-asking price, we offered to pay list price, with no conditions. We were hoping he’d say yes right away; when he said he wanted to wait until noon the next day, our agent wasn’t too hopeful. I guess the other people were getting a chance to offer more. (Which in the end, I’m glad they had that chance, since we were so mean to sneak in another offer after they thought they had it!)

Again, Rej was right! He kept saying he was pretty sure we’d get it, while Sam & I thought we should offer a little more in order to make sure. That means Sam & I were probably a little more ecstatic to find out we had it!

In any case, we feel the home is totally worth the price we’re paying. :)

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