Sunny-side Plans

It seems like I make detailed plans for doing things, and then suddenly we just do it, skipping most of the steps in between. For example, I’d planned to meticulously go through each room and cupboard, but never got around to that when it was time to throw everything in boxes and get it out of here.

I had a long list of things to check as we were looking for a new home, but forgot to take the list out. (Anyway, I already knew most things.) I meant to compare measurements to our present home, etc., but in the end just went by guess & by golly. “Planning/plans” is my word for the year, and my favourite thing is to remember that there is an Ultimate, Overall Plan, and One who has it all under control (see the verse at the top of my Home page).

Okay, so I’ve been talking about “moving” since March 30th, but at least there hasn’t been a post every day!

Something on that list for a new home, was: which way the house faces. Because I love to watch the sun rise, and have a sunny spot to sit, etc. The new home has large windows on both sides, so it doesn’t seem to matter. But something I just thought of: our present home faces north, and that’s where my sun-garden is (thymes and lavender); and the backyard/south side is where all the shade-loving plants are! It’s all in the perspective, in a manner of speaking. :)

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