He stops for them. :)

To think that I usually spend 6 to 8 weeks “training” for a 5 K (just one that I map out in the neighbourhood), and last weekend I ran one with my Dad, without even having done any running at all, since the fall! And it was easy!

And no, it wasn’t easy because my Dad is slow–we both run exactly the same speed. It did help perhaps, that he had to stop 3 or 4 times to massage his new knee. Thank goodness for that, since I’d forgotten to do any warm-up exercises, which I need to do to prevent knee injury. I think it also seemed easy because it was SO cold; I didn’t take my jacket off at all!

My Dad really didn’t need me to run with him, for this last part of his triathlon, but it was necessary so that my brother and my Mom wouldn’t worry. ;) Even though it did seem at times that those 5 K were never coming to their half-way end (the second half was not so stretchy), it really did not take as long as all the talk would make you think (just over an hour).

All in all it was a pleasant time. Best part was when all the little great grandchildren ran over to him with kisses and hugs, and someone passing said “You’ve earned that!” He earned it by loving them, and who doesn’t love to be loved!

A great sign of that love is the fact that he stopped to pay close attention to them, in the middle of his race. HE didn’t care if it was going to make his time slower. He was Number One anyway, no matter what!

In more ways than one. :)

dad stops his race for them

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