Making Do

Six weeks before we move out, 5 weeks before the movers come, and 4 weeks before most things should be packed, when just the cleaning will be left to do! Our first POD to pack up, arrives next week! Meanwhile we have a garage full of boxes, and boxes piling up all over the house.

We’re going through the place once to pack everything we probably won’t need for awhile, then the second time to pack up things we might not need, and the last go-through will be to pack up everything we can possibly do without. After the movers come on June 25th, we’ll be sleeping on air mattresses for a week. Hopefully everything we have left then, will fit in our truck!

It’s already been a life of “making do”:

  • without glass to drink out of, since we decided to pack up all the very fragile things and take them to my parents’ place last weekend;
  • without my favourite china coffee cups;
  • with using bluetooth speakers hooked to iphones, instead of stereo;
  • with Netflix on computers, instead of tv;
  • with a disrupted “schedule” (of which the ultimate practise for, was when we were showing the house for prospective buyers).

We’re actually very good at Making Do, since that is really what camping is all about. Yes, I know it isn’t very hard when the trailer has air conditioning, shower, a large fridge, etc.–but when we’re camping we make do with a smaller area to live in for a time (especially if it rains), a smaller fridge than at home, a tiny shower-space… We’re the kind of people who find it FUN to try and “make do”, to see how well we can do with it.

That’s one of the things that Life is All About, don’t you think? When things don’t happen as you planned, you have to Make Do. It’s a Test, and your creativity is required to make the best of it.

I admit, this particular “test”–preparing to move to a wonderful new home, in a city chock full of family and friends–is more fun than most. :)

“…The bright light of Christ makes your way plain. So no more stumbling around. Get on with it!” (Ephesians 5:8)

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