Time for a Moving Club?

We’ve got lists of things we’ll need for our last few days here, we’ve booked everything except the final delivery and unloading of the PODS, we’ve been talking to the lawyers, and the new owners have booked one of their pre-closing visits. It’s starting to seem more and more real: we’re moving! At the moment, we’re so organized that the time seems a bit long. Until the first POD arrives and we have all that loading to do. Then there will be no more time to look at photos of our new home, and dream about being there.

We’re so “organized” that we went and booked the second POD to arrive on the 14th of June, while the “Rent-a-Son’s” aren’t coming until June 25th. Oops. (Don’t want to start loading it, in case the Son’s have a particular way they want to pack it.) It shows why you have to keep discussing these things, going over everything.

One thing we have realized, is that we’ll likely need a U-Haul just for all the last-minute things, since the cat cage and litter will be taking up a lot of room. And apparently you’re not supposed to put any food in these PODS, at all.

I’m thinking of starting up a Club for all us move-y’s. It’s unbelievable how many of our friends sold their home and are moving this Spring/Summer! Three other families I can think of just off the top of my head, but I think there’s more. Oh, and my sister is moving this weekend! Add to that: my niece moved about a month ago, and another friend moved out of his family’s home into an apartment.

None of them were at one place as long as we were. One can look at years and years of the same thing as making it difficult to adjust to change; or, you can also say you’re quite tired of the same thing–it’s rather time for a change. Change is good for you!

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