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Organize, organize, organize. It’s what I do!

  1. First POD arrives tomorrow.
  2. We load it up with all the boxes that got packed into the garage, when we were getting ready to show this place.
  3. Next, we go through all the stuff in the garage: sort, pack, etc. Get out the back yard fence that our neighbour (as well as the buyers) want to put back up.
  4. Now we can fill up the garage again, with whatever doesn’t fit in the first POD.
  5. The second POD arrives two weeks before Closing (and they take away the first one–they prefer to do it this way.) We have ten days before the movers arrive, to do… what? Clean things that don’t have to wait til the last day; plus, there are 4 different end-of-season celebrations that we should go to, to say good-bye to people. OH, and we can book when we want the PODS to arrive in Ottawa, once we know what numbers are on them.
  6. A few days before the Movers come (“Rent-a-Son”), we need to set aside only what we’ll need for the last several days, and pack EVERYTHING else!
  7. After the movers pack up the second POD a couple of days before Closing, we can decide if we need a UHaul, or if the remaining Stuff will fit in the truck.
  8. As long as we’re not handing over the key early in the morning on Closing Date, I should have time to finish up the last minute cleaning. I’ve made a list of what should be done, and what supplies are needed–to make sure they don’t get packed away!

Let me know if I forgot anything! :)

“So let’s do it – full of belief, confident that we’re presentable inside and out. Let’s keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word.” (Hebrews 10:22-23)

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