Free to have your own views?

Now life goes on in “normal” fashion, for a couple of weeks anyway. Everything in the schedule is back to the way it was before the craziness of cleaning-out/packing up, getting our home ready to sell, etc. Except of course, for the Making Do part. There will be the odd little thing that hints of the move to come, for example, tomorrow is the very last time I’ll be at the Tuesday morning Ladies’ Bible Study (next week is their end-of-season lunch).

So! Now for something I’ve been saving for you since April! There are some sticky, sensitive issues that are hard to talk about (you don’t want to offend people, but you do fear for them). But this article stands out because a Christian is praising the reaction of some (well, quite a few) gay-marriage supporters (against other gay-marriage supporters).

I wonder if you heard the story, about: the co-founder of Mozilla (as in “Firefox”), Brendan Eich, who, as the New York Times put it, “has helped develop some of the web’s most important technologies.” He was forced to resign two weeks after he became CEO, because he supports traditional marriage. Some disagreed with his position, but defended his hire “as an expression of the openness that Mozilla regarded as one of the highest values.” But others were very much against it, and he ended up resigning.

Then something odd happened: Many prominent gay marriage supporters were appalled at what happened and didn’t hesitate to say so. Andrew Sullivan, who was probably the first major figure to champion same-sex marriage, called the reaction to Eich’s views “a repugnantly illiberal sentiment.”

And Andrew Sullivan was just one of several high-profile gay marriage supporters the article mentions, who spoke out against the reaction to Eich’s views. And good for Eric Metaxas for noticing these things!

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