Pay attention!

Time for another list.

  • Last time to attend the Ladies’ Bible Study was this past Tuesday.
  • Last “normal” sort of menu was made up yesterday (after next week we’ll be in “use-up” mode).
  • Last time to be with the Tuesday Ladies will be next Tuesday, at their end-of-season Lunch.
  • Last time to be at a Good Shepherd “do” will be a week this Saturday, when we go to Brian’s good-bye pot luck. (Then our Small Group celebration is the week after–last time to ever be in the halls of GSCC?) Unless we come back and visit of course.
  • Last blue-box collection from here will be in two weeks…

I’m sure there are more that I haven’t thought of!

This morning’s readings included another article about the evils of smartphones/social media. About how we don’t listen to people, but have our heads down looking at the phone. Again, not something I do. However, I DO have trouble paying attention sometimes. Just because I’m NOT looking at the smartphone doesn’t mean I AM paying attention.

Self-absorption was ever a problem way before the age of technology!

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