the Dining Room problem

What the heck am I going to do with a dining room? The one we supposedly have now, I’ve always treated as an extension of the kitchen–hence the hutch that is set up as a breakfast bar. People thought I was crazy for taking out the chandelier and putting in a flourescent light, but that’s what I always wanted: a large farm-style, open concept, eat-in, sit-in kitchen.

Now that we have one without-trying in the new place, what are we going to do with the dining room? As several of us have said, that huge kitchen-family room is where we’ll be spending most of our lives. Will we really want to eat in the Dining Room? Of course, my dinner table will go in there, since we happen to have a nice little kitchen table to extend the kitchen island. And I love that dinner table, so maybe that will attract us.

I’ve been planning to promote the hutch to the Dining Room, since there are lots of cupboards in our new kitchen, and not any room for it there. But what shall we put in it?? We don’t have fancy, only-for-special dishes. I don’t believe in keeping things for “special company”–your family is special, and every day is special!

Really, we should keep all Dining Room Things out of that room and make it a dance floor. Or something. It wouldn’t be the first time I went against all convention and did what I wanted! (See first paragraph.)

me in weird colours

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