“Coming out of the woodwork”–not only family and friends who live in Ottawa, and who have moved to Ottawa, and who will be visiting Ottawa… but here in Toronto: neighbours who wish we weren’t moving.

“We were just getting to know you!” “We’re finally talking, and now you’re moving!”

One of these lives behind us, and another at the end of our street (I was surprised he knew which home I came from). Our neighbours have changed so very often over the years! When we first moved in, they were renters on either side of us. We had lots of kids come for Halloween. (Now that’s changing again, and there are more young families living on this street.) I’m pretty sure no one on this whole street has been here as long as we have!

We were never very good at getting to know our neighbours–just “so busy” all the time. I remember once being surprised, come summer, about a new baby next door, not having even noticed she was pregnant! When my cousin moved in next door, it was quite wonderful–a cheater way of knowing your neighbour. After her, friends from church moved in, and that too was wonderful: two young children to enjoy. I was very sad when they had to move out!

Since my husband has retired, we’ve been a little less busy, and at last we were getting to know our neighbours. Plus, they were beginning to change a little less; in fact, on one side they’ve been there for quite awhile. So long, that I was far too embarrassed by now to ask the guy’s name (at least I knew her name)–finally found it out from the newer neighbours on the other side.

Both these newer neighbours (from Dubai) and the “older” neighbours (Chinese), have been more than friendly and helpful: Roger snow-blew our driveway many times last winter, and Stephen is always ready to climb a ladder to prevent Rej from supposedly injuring himself. We’ll miss them for sure! Stephen has also done an amazing amount of work in his house, and around his whole yard–with lots of help from his wife. Oh, and also from the parents of the young Chinese couple two doors down on the other side–even though they could not understand each other’s language!

But at least we’ve already gotten “off on the right foot” (someone please suggest some updated “cliches”?) with our neighbours in Ottawa. We met one of them on a visit back to see our new home, and I even remember their names! That could have something to do with the fact that they have two young girls, and one of them is also a “Sam”. :)

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