Surely, hopefully, we will find in Ottawa a church that has such “meaty” teaching from scripture as we heard yesterday. They’ve been doing a series from Hebrews, which near the beginning talks about getting past the “milk” stage. Apparently the Hebrews were having a problem with Christians who were happy to just stay there, and not grow.

Yesterday’s sermon included the truth of heaven being (partly) now (Hebrews 12:22); because of Christ’s work on the cross, we can experience him being with us, and therefore: JOY! (Hebrews 12:2) And one of the verses refers to the “festal gathering” of angels, following us around! It’s really neat how Pastor Tim gets so excited about what he’s telling us.

Speaking of angels, there was a good group of children who got up to sing for us, at the service. They really sang it out with gusto! (The adults must have learned it from them, since you can always hear the enthusiasm during the worship music.) I love it when children take part in the service, and apparently First Alliance has determined to do that more and more (especially involving the youth). There was also a testimony of a young man (26), who had been brought up in that church, and who was about to be a missionary with One Hope–a Canadian ministry to people on reserves, where there is a lot of darkness and despair.

*sigh*! It’s been so long since we’ve actually been involved in a church, and now we have to wait some more. Not too much longer though!

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