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It’s a good thing we have our own personal Booking Agent! Who doesn’t require pay. ;) The number of things that needed booking for this move is colossal! Sam not only called them, and called them back to make corrections, but looked them up (on the internet) in the first place. Then recorded all the account numbers, phone numbers, contacts, etc.

Everything had to be booked for a different day:

  • the first POD arrival;
  • pickup of that POD, and delivery of another one;
  • Rent-a-Son to load the furniture onto that second POD;
  • UHaul for anything left that doesn’t fit in the truck (Rej & I did this one);
  • delivery of the second POD in Ottawa (because we want our furniture first);
  • movers in Ottawa to unload the second POD;
  • pickup of the empty POD;
  • delivery of the other POD in Ottawa;
  • movers to empty that one;
  • pickup of that empty POD.

With all those different days, including the interruption of a weekend, we won’t be done moving until July 10th! Oh, and squeezing in the emptying & returning of the UHaul is going to be tricky… hopefully we won’t get the key too late on the 3rd.

You may say why didn’t we just do it the way most people do–get a couple of moving trucks and do it all in a couple of days. But that worked out to be more expensive; plus, it’s much easier not to have to do it all in those couple of days. This way we were able to pack a lot of it ahead of time, and not be so rushed.

Come to think of it though, we’ve been wishing lately that the days would indeed rush by a little quicker! Today’s job: go through all the cupboards and make sure every possible item is collected for the Last Blue Box day tomorrow!

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