First Day of Summer

Well, I’m getting sick and tired of looking at the photos of my new home, especially with strangers’ furniture in it! And you can only study the map of the area for so long, and study the size of your furniture and how it will fit, for so long…

My photos are mostly caught up, the crochet wool is all packed, and I’ve seen almost all of the patterns for home-projects on Ravelry (and that sounds like “I thought you were surfing the web?” “I finished it!” :D )

It’s been two months since I’ve been able to sit in my favourite chair, by the window (so this is NOT, presently, a “view from the window seat” :P ). Soon though, I won’t even have the coffee table to put my feet up on! It’ll be interesting to see what Dustie does, with no furniture to hide behind.

(Oh btw, I forgot a couple of things for that “booking” list the other day: internet hookup has been booked for the new place, as well as Alarm Force.)

I’m trying not to go too fast–hence this post. Today after the laundry is done, we’ll pack as if we’re going away for two weeks, then put that aside so that EVERYTHING ELSE can be packed, on Monday and Tuesday. I have a fear of packing away something I’ll need, before the Rent-a-Sons come on Wednesday!

me in weird colours

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