It’s Time

Hmmmm… (that’s just so I don’t start out with ‘I’ :P ) I wonder how many post titles I’ve made called “Organize, Organize, Organize”?

My iCal has many different coloured categories, and if you know me, you’re not surprised! Most of them are Red these days, for IMPORTANT. Beside me though, there are also a bunch of hand written lists on slips of paper. I keep going over everything, and once in awhile I realize that things are on two lists. Eventually I figure it out and throw out one of the lists.

People who get a glance at my calendar are appalled at how many things I schedule (therefore I try not to let anyone see), but they should realize these things are not written in stone. In fact, a lot of them are just suggestions–and some of them have been there so long (repeating tasks), that I don’t even see them anymore! (That’s why you need a Red category.)

Organizing is what I do for fun. Trying to decide what to make out of Lego blocks is something I find hard, but sorting them all into colours–great fun!

And oh the joy, of deleting/crossing out/clearing the tasks!

It used to be a favourite Beginning of Season activity, to make up a new schedule. (Now there’s a pretty good example of enjoying both routine, and change.) In the last several years though, not much really needed changing. I guess it gets perfected after awhile. Or, maybe I was getting too “set in my ways”? So, instead of thinking how “upsetting” this move-to-another-city is, I can see another aspect: being sick and tired of the same old thing, so: It’s Time!

And I’m really looking forward to sitting down in Ottawa and setting up a whole new schedule (though of course, some few things will stay the same). My menu schedule is also due for a re-vamping. Part of my excitement is because of all this unscheduled activity that we’ve had, for the past TWO MONTHS! (Or, will be two months.)

This morning, we’re sitting on our comfortable chairs and couch for the LAST time here in Toronto. In fact, for supper tonight, we won’t even have a table to eat at! We’re going to open up those fold-up-like-a-pole camp chairs, and hope that Dustie can still get comfortable with us…

The papers are signed, the movers come today to load up the POD, it gets taken away on Friday, and then we can load everything else into a UHaul–and then we’re off! New Life here we come!!

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