Last of the last

Yes, I’m just a little nervous, since we’re now facing our last full day as Residents of Toronto. The place is a mess, empty as it is. But the fridge and stove are now sparkling clean, which took longer yesterday, then I expected. It was another day of feeling totally “played out” come evening.

Which wasn’t helped by a surprise visit from the New Owners! Apparently someone forgot to tell us. With their agent, they turned on & off every light switch, every water tap, and flushed every toilet to make sure it was all working! (I had to laugh.) And reminded us that the Agreement says we’ll leave the place clean and clear of “garbage”–meaning especially the load of firewood, since they plan to renovate away the fireplace. (Wish I could take the fireplace with me!) We’d thought from the last visit, that they wanted the firewood! ESL…. and Englishers who are too lazy to learn other languages. ;) She just said “yes” to every question I asked that time, and now I find out she was only a friend.

Don’t get the wrong impression, they seem like nice people. I believe they’re from mainland China (so who knows what they’re used to), and after all this place IS 35 years old. Oh, and it could have been worse: they didn’t complain about the cost of removing the tower, and didn’t say a word about the wallpaper that didn’t get stripped because of the cupboard that used to be there, and seemed to understand when we explained about the hole left by the microwave–that the microwave was not included.


  • I wonder how late we’ll be working today, and if we’ll faint from the heat?
  • We’ll probably pack something again, only to find out we need it for cleaning tomorrow. (I already had to buy a new mop!)
  • Will the POD picker-uppers forget to come?
  • Will everything else fit into the UHaul, and what will it be like to pull, and back up?
  • Will anyone burst into tears when we leave tomorrow?
  • Will our poor cat survive? (She actually seems to be enjoying the curiosities around here these days.)
  • Will we really be “in possession” of a few-hundred-thousand dollar cheque, come Monday? (Or will they say something is not right…. ?)
  • Will I be too exhausted to drive into Ottawa tomorrow, to see to Shop-stuff? (Pointless question. ;) )

Anyway, I’m looking forward to relaxing with my parents on Sunday!

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