First of the first

Wow… here I am!! All the kitchen boxes have been unpacked, so we’re good to go! :D Well, except for a bit more kitchen stuff in the second POD, which arrives tomorrow, and gets unpacked by the movers the next day. We’d thought of making both PODS come the same day, and getting EVERYTHING unloaded at once–but we’re sure glad we didn’t do that!

Today’s jobs:

  • get the waterbed frame together (the new mattress might come tomorrow),
  • unpack the clothing boxes, while Rej puts the other beds together,
  • wash some dishes.

Tomorrow’s jobs:

  • make up a new menu (FIRST one for Ottawa!) & grocery list,
  • hopefully do some of the weeding, especially at the front,
  • a bit of baking (for Sam).

This week’s appointments:

  • first POD gets removed and second one arrives tomorrow,
  • movers come at 9 am Wednesday,
  • Alarm Force for noon Wednesday,
  • new machine for the business expected soon,
  • second POD gets removed on Thursday.

What a wonderful feeling (was it yesterday?) to get my chair in place, and sit in it for the first time (in Ottawa) and just relax and look at my new kitchen, clutter and all! You worry about how to fit things, especially when the configuration is so different from the previous home. But this spot for my chair (not the first place I was going to put it), is SO perfect: right beside the fireplace, a great view of my kitchen, and the window looks out on this little “secret”/corner garden beside the hot tub!

Of course, there’s been several “firsts”:

  • the first night to “sleep” here, even though I was SO tired, AND I took a sleeping pill, I could NOT sleep–I could not wait to see what morning would be like in my new home (it was so perfect, with the sun rising over the backyard and shining into our bedroom);
  • first visitors were Mom & Dad, the day after we arrived–they dropped in for a few minutes so Dad could help Rej get the vacuum cleaner going;
  • first time to attend church here–it was wonderful: we ALL had a very good feeling, in spite of all having said that we could never get attached to such a big church;
  • first time to get in the hot tub was last night–Rej was insisting on getting it ready, and I agreed, because you could always find other things that seem more important than that, but these are the days when we will truly appreciate that “salve” for sore muscles!

I could go on and on, but this is certainly long enough!

head shot from Crystal's wedding

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