cats and weeds

In case anyone was wondering how Dustie-cat is handling things these days: she generally stays in hiding until the sun begins to set. Although, this morning she was down here while the sun was pouring into the kitchen, wandering around, probably looking for a good place to sit in it. When we unload the other POD tomorrow, she’ll have the hope chest by the window. (She also has her own bathroom, believe it or not!)

Yesterday she seemed happy to find the waterbed frame “back in place”. That’s where she used to hide, in Toronto–behind the waterbed. I think she also likes it upstairs because of the carpet, which is likely full of the previous animal-smells. They had both a dog and a cat. Of course, she just loves to roll on that carpet, too.

Still lots and lots of work to do! And lots and lots of things I could talk about, all to do with our new home… but since it is going up to 29 C today, I’d better get going and get some weeding done while it’s still “cool”!

user looking out

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