Still thankful

Well, there’s always a glitch, isn’t there? Our second POD is stuck in Toronto. The most galling though, is that they have no idea when it will be delivered!


  • we can’t sleep in our waterbed til we get the sheets (yes, I know we should have packed them together!)
  • can’t make Sam’s new waterbed until we get the mattress cover (or, we could buy a new one),
  • Rej has several drill-jobs he can’t do until that POD arrives,
  • I can’t organize my new hutch-cupboard until the rest of the stuff arrives, with the other half of the china cabinet, and the other coffee table,
  • we can’t finish organizing the furniture until the other chairs, etc. arrive,
  • can’t organize bathroom stuff until the little organizers arrive,
  • etc. etc.!

BUT–we have our bathing suits, and that is of utmost importance when you have a hot tub! :)

Today the new waterbed stuff arrives (and we’ll see how much we can do), as well as Alarm Force. I’ll eventually get out to do my first major grocery shopping today, and if we’re lucky we’ll get some more buildall shopping done. Oh, and make the guest beds! Maybe, just maybe, I won’t have to sleep on air mattresses for much longer…

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