Scary things

  • The other night I got up for the washroom, and wondered if it would be quicker to go to the guest bathroom, rather than go all the way to the other end of the master bedroom to the 5 piece ensuite.
  • Yesterday the kitchen faucet came off in my hand. It was not broken, that’s what it does (think “telephone shower”.)
  • I’ve been thinking about how many people we could sleep, if there was an emergency, or a French Revolution where they took over our house: another 2 beds in the master bedroom, another bed in the larger guest room, one in the master bathroom, several more throughout the house…
  • The Hydro Bill here might be about as much as the property taxes.
  • We’ve done without all those things in the 2nd POD for 3 months–Rej thinks we should just get rid of it all. (Just kidding!)
  • I can’t figure out if it’s more important to unpack boxes, finish putting verathane on my wash stand, or do the backyard weeding.

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