House full of boxes

Hey, I slept in til 5:30 this morning! Rej & I had to sleep in different beds though, because of all the boxes. (Not that I don’t always escape to the guest room, but this time we HAD to…)

This is every room in my house, except the kitchen:

boxesExcept that the Family Room and Rec Room have the boxes neatly piled. All I need for the kitchen now, is a paper towell holder, my bread basket (“who knows” where that is!), a drawer organizer, some hooks-organizing, and the mixer to be put up on the wall. Then that’s one room done!

I’d hoped to work on the living/dining room (this picture) next, but the upstairs boxes are more important because of needing a mattress cover.

But I did get the baking done yesterday! So now Sam has a variety (of two things) for breakfast. Putting his waterbed together has to wait til tomorrow though, since there are lots of other things going on today…. Aren’t you getting tired of all this blabber? ;s


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