First Impressions

Was it really only a week ago that we were “homeless”? It seems like another life, already! And now every day of my life for the next 2 years has been planned out. I’ll be unpacking boxes.

But at least I’ve driven around here a few times without using my gps! We’ve finally learned that Limebank turns into Riverside (yes, I said “Limebank”), that River Road goes along one side of the Rideau River and Prince of Wales on the other side, that Hunt Club Road crosses the river north of us, and when the new bridge is finished we can cross closer to our home–where Earl Armstrong Ave. will turn into Strandherd. Last night we ate at a restaurant (where they supposedly accept bitcoin) on a street that turns into Richmond, from Wellington (or was it Woodroffe?)

The roads around here are big, straight, and empty! Right near our street there are 4-way stops with 4-lane roads… so I guess they’re expecting growth. I love how in most places the speed limit is all the way up to 80 kph. And whereas Toronto had the Lake and the Don Valley (you know, where everyone “parks”), Ottawa has Rivers and Fields. Fields everywhere! It’s amazing; you drive through some city, then through huge fields, then more city, then fields again. I’m pretty sure it’s not all the Experimental Farm.

I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone in Ottawa who is not working for the government, or involved in new home developments, is either a dentist or an athlete. There are lots bike lanes right on the highways. And at every corner, or at least at every plaza, there is a dentist advertising–or if not a dentist, an orthodontist. My Dad even worked with teeth before he retired, when we lived just over on the Quebec side. And now he’s an athlete! :)

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