What I love about my husband

There’s something I was thinking about posting yesterday, but I’m glad it got saved for today, because now I can add to it the Story of the Waterbed.

What is always going through my mind these days of course, is the list of Things to Do. Rej has a lot of jobs:

  • fix Sam’s lazyboy,
  • find a longer internet wire so his chair can be properly placed,
  • fix the stair rail that got pulled out of the wall,
  • screw in the chair-leg felts,
  • attach the top of the china cabinet,
  • attach the top of the guest room dresser,
  • attach the top of the wash stand when we find it,
  • unpack his workshop,
  • sort out the basement with Sam,
  • sort out computer stuff with Sam.

My jobs: unpack boxes.

Yesterday, the big job was putting together Sam’s new waterbed. We felt bad that he had to wait so long for it, so wanted to get at it and get it ready for him. As we unwrapped the packages though, we discovered that some of the boards they shipped had broken. Now what!? Rej starts by just sitting there, saying “I’m thinking.”

My ever-cheerful and inventive husband thought up a way to fix them. The fix didn’t work at first, so another “thinking” session and we were able to fix the fix. (These boards were only to go inside the pedestal that holds up the bed, so “looks” was not important.)

And so it continued. Not really a LOT of problems, but lots of measuring to make sure everything is placed right, then lots and lots of screwing in screws. One corner had to be done 3 times, because I couldn’t figure out how I was supposed to hold it. :S Also, the instructions weren’t all that clear; plus, we discovered that there were no bookshelves for the head, like we expected.

It brought back memories…. there have been lots of times, over the years, that we had to slug away like this, with some house-problem. Rej is one for keeping at it until it’s solved (and slave-driving the rest of us, haha). His whole career was about problem-solving, but I’m of the opinion that he’s even better with jobs-around-the-home, then he was with computers! And you know, that happens to be a love language for me.

head shot from Crystal's wedding

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