Surprise! Mega CAN work!

That’s the second day in a row…

You may know that I read my journal for this-day-two-years-ago. This morning (two years ago today) the whole thing was about sorting through junk, and throwing stuff out, etc.–if that doesn’t fit with what I’m doing now, I don’t know what does! Yesterday, I read sermon notes from two years ago, all about the subject of Giving, which happened to be exactly what the sermon was about at The Met yesterday! In fact, there were even some of the very same scriptures quoted.

I’m loving how the lead pastor at this church is always talking about winning the world for Christ, and reaching our city (Ottawa), as well as the “unreached people” of Quebec. (Which requires resources, of course.)

We were kind of blown over the first time we entered this church, last Sunday, and there was such a hubbub in the hallways. It was like going to the CNE! Very quiet as soon as you enter the Sanctuary though (and they still call it a “sanctuary”, even though it’s rather a theatre). Lots of people were late yesterday, but the seats filled up well enough, with small groups of empty seats here and there. Really, a huge crowd of people, we’re thinking. And then we hear that attendance is down because of the summer!!

This church, that looks more like a Rec Centre from the outside, urges people to small groups right from when you first look at any printed material they have. You can see why they have to be strong on that, with 10 pastors and such a huge crowd (several services, of course). And now they’re talking about church planting, which apparently is NOT something that “takes the load off” the main church, but actually has the effect of making it grow even more.

Another favourite thing about that church: it attracts young people (who are “bleeding away” from the Church in general)–in particular, my own young person, who said right away that this is where we should go. <3

head shot from Crystal's wedding

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