Almost there

We’ve now had a second visitor, stopping in for coffee on the way by. (A friend from Hearst, who now lives in Niagara Falls.) And we’re feeling more and more like we’ve finally moved in!

I keep making a list and numbering it, and then totally changing the order I want to do it in. For example, the garage was not a priority until we saw that it was going to be stinking hot next week–so better to get it done while it’s cool. I wasn’t too worried about the rest of the weeding, until I mentioned it teasingly to Mom & Dad when they were talking about visiting next week… then I realized I’d better get it done before Dad took me seriously and did it for me!

My bookshelves were not high on the list until we noticed that unpacking had created quite a mess on the carpet; so when the bookshelves are together we’ll be able to vacuum. I’m anxious to get the pile of photo albums sorted, but have to wait until I check out the guys’ job downstairs, so I’ll know what space is left there.

So you can see why the schedule keeps getting changed! I’m looking forward to the very last move-in job: looking over the 10+ boxes of nothing but ornaments/ornamental things, to put on walls and tables and cabinet shelves everywhere–or perhaps get rid of some!

head shot from Crystal's wedding

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