Since packing and moving provided the opportunity, I’ve been going through absolutely everything we have that’s for decor in a house. Think “starting from scratch”. There may be some things that I’ll be able to/want to arrange similar to what they were in our Toronto home, but not much.

So I had everything divided into Wall stuff vs Table/shelf stuff, organized from large to small, spread out in an organized mess among the guest rooms. Then there were various piles: decorative containers (like baskets, tins), candles and candle-holders, dried flowers, wreaths, etc. And a HUGE pile of sentimental stuff.

Then I totally changed my mind and decided that I needed to just pick out all of the things that I absolutely love. Those were the things to find places for first, after the few Largest things (a wreath, a plaque, and a mirror). I’m trying not to have too many things that I change each season, but it’s hard when you have 4-5 beautiful vases, 4-5 gorgeous candy dishes, 4-5 favourite candle holders, and… so on. But now that I’ve figured those things out, I think the next thing to do is look at the places instead of the things, and then look over the stuff that’s left to decide what would best fit.

The problem is, everything looks so new in its new spot, that it looks wonderful no matter where I put it! Or no matter what I put there. Which is why one has to be ready to change one’s mind, several times over, before the “job” is done!

head shot from Crystal's wedding

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