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Wow, 25 Likes on a photo I shared of my Mom yesterday, wishing her a Happy Birthday–but almost HALF of them she doesn’t even know! Is it because she’s so pretty, or because the photo shows her giving a “commanding eye” over the recent wedding rehearsal, or because I said that I want to be like her “when I grow up”.

What, doesn’t everyone want to grow up? Do people really think they’re all grown up by my age? I certainly learn that I’m not, embarrassingly, every once in awhile!

But I really do mean that I want to be like my Mom. It was important for me to find a recent photo, because I didn’t want to say that I want to be like she was; rather, like she is now (though, like she was is OK too, haha!)

The fact is, I love the way she does her hair, and the way she dresses–which is representative of how she looks after herself, and takes care to make a “lovely presentation”. ;) Because she wouldn’t have to–she has a natural physical beauty already. And I was never quite like that: I’m just a little lazy when it comes to my looks… I find clothes-shopping a bothersome job, most times; and I always look for the easiest hairstyle.

Those are the things I’ve noticed recently, but of course, there are all kinds of ways that I’d like to be like her. Not enough time to go through all that!

And even though she turns 75 yesterday, she does keep up with the times. She’s always saying to me, “you should google that”! LOL


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