We’ve FINISHED unpacking!!! At least, until October, when it’s time to get the Fall decorations out, and then Christmas, etc. And the box of plant stuff can wait a year, while I watch what the lighting is like in various places here. (No, I didn’t bring any of them from Toronto–threw them ALL out.)

Of course, there are still some moving-in type of jobs to do; like, situating the picture-nails in better positions (and then fixing the holes they leave), making curtains for the french doors of Sam’s room, perhaps painting the odd piece of furniture/decoration, reading the manuals for the “new” appliances (just in case we missed anything). And FINALLY, it’s time to open up my comfortable Outside Chair, find the best position for it, and actually find some regular time to USE it, before the summer is over! YAY!

So we have one last load of extra garbage (the old bbq cover), extra cardboard (about 5 more boxes), and one more junk-toting trip to Value Village!

This whole process did seem to take forever… but, really: it’s only been a month! :)


One Month Ago

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