Do you ever feel just so thankful for soooo many things? It feels so good to have the unpacking done, I’m loving the sun pouring in here, the coffee tastes so good, etc. etc.

And I’m SO thankful for MY smelly-lilies, that I didn’t even plant! Isn’t it funny though, that I always have to get my nose close enough to get pollen on, when actually the smell of them FILLS the room! I spent about half an hour in my living room yesterday, doing nothing but looking at them and smelling them. I had to get up from the couch to move a dining room chair, so that I could see them better.

I’m also thankful for this church we’re going to, who are having a Newcomers gathering this Sunday that we’re looking forward to. The pastor, though he sometimes has an air of, let’s say, “simplicity”, preaches sermons that are really quite deep, while at the same time having a basic, bottom-line. Both of these things are not that attractive to non-Christians, I’m thinking. But I’ve been in a “seeker-sensitive” service (at least, it seemed like that), and it certainly wasn’t attracting *me*!

I’d just been thinking of the difference between that one and this one, when Pastor Jay mentioned those types of services (“that used to be all the rage”). Programs and entertainment is not what attracts (in fact, there’s a tension in “competing” with the secular world)–attracts people to Christ, that is–but Truth is what does it. Truth that naturally reflects that deeper love; which is exactly what I was saying way-back-when about attracting kids, since you can never compete otherwise, with what’s available “out there”.

Anyway, that idea certainly seems to be evident at The Met, because there are a LOT of people coming to hear these deeper, “uncomfortable” truths!

facebk my liliesI tried lightening this photo from my phone, but it still doesn’t show the proper pinkness; however, the vase shows up better than it did.


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