Not Over Yet

“So take a new grip with your tired hands and stand firm on your shaky legs.” (Hebrews 12:12)

It must be days and days (and days and days) of waking up so excited about another day in a new home–usually around 5 am–and excited about finishing the job of unpacking etc., that has finally “peaked”: even though I went to bed early and slept well last night, I’m feeling quite tired out still!

Maybe it was yesterday’s grocery shopping that leveled out the adrenaline. I’d thought the Independant was the same as my No Frills in Toronto, but after spending an hour and a half trying to find everything on my list (and getting hungry for lunch), I was getting a little frustrated. Since I’d been planning on stopping over at Walmart (which is just a little further away), I decided to try it for the rest of my groceries… they had everything I needed! Just like my Mom said. So it looks like I’ll have to support their “slavery”… although, my niece’s husband works at Walmart, so I could say that I’m helping to support her family. :)

The great thing about that Walmart location though, is that there is also a Winners beside it, a Bulk Barn nearby, and many other Big Boxes for shoppers to enjoy. So my grocery-day wasn’t a total loss, even though I didn’t have time to get everything I’d wanted. And this shopping centre is all so closely available only because of the newly opened bridge.

You know, I’m trying to come to the end of my “I’m moving/moved” posts, but… It Won’t Be Over for a long time yet! Because everything that happens over this whole year (at least) will be a brand new experience: e.g. Fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, etc. etc. So, deal!

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