Just don’t play the game.

As far as “reaching the culture” goes, we know that it’s important to connect with people by joining them in their culture, as long as we don’t compromise the Truth. Truth is truth, but many people find it difficult to define that proverbial line that you don’t cross.

Along that line (oops, sorry), here are some interesting quotes from one of my newsletters.

…as Roberto Rivera put it, “we might as well be holy,” since seeking an accommodation with the culture is, in his words,” a “loser’s game.” As soon as we bend a little, they insist we bend some more and then some more again.

“There is no winning or even staying afloat in this game, so we might as well not play at all. We might as well intentionally embrace our status as outsiders and not care what people think of us.”

Now, does that mean we abandon the culture? Absolutely not. We engage the culture with truth and beauty where we can. But we do not participate in the unlovely and the obscene.

my small pot of begonias

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