Language is fun

I’ve been thinking of trying something, and I’m not sure if it would be a good thing or not.

You know how I’ve got this “Word for the Year” thing–a specific word that is “mine” for the year. (My word is “plan/s”; it’s an easy one to work out, especially since it’s a word that describes me!) I wonder if that could work weekly? On the first day of the week, “choose” (or pray about) what your word for the week might be. Then each day, see what significance that word might have. Or, just sum it up at the end of the week.

It might go flat, but on the other hand, it’s something new to try. Maybe it’ll be fun!

Some words are ambiguous, and some are just necessary to everyday life (like “plan”, perhaps?) Considering yesterday’s post, should this week’s word be Truth? But that’s one of the ones that are needed every single day. Even “beauty” is there all the time. Maybe “voice” then? Like art work (e.g. working with photos), one could mull this around in one’s mind for hours. Just pick one already!

OK word for this week: voice/s.

Voice of authority, conflicting voices, quiet voice, let your voice be heard, etc. etc.

What’s your word?

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