Full of it!

This week’s word shall be: full. And I didn’t think of it because I was so “full” from all the treats we were eating at our drop-in party on Saturday. :P

Actually, preachers who really enjoy “serving up” God’s Word, teach it with such relish, it’s almost as if they’re enjoying every delicious bite, and anxious to get you to enjoy it as well! Our church is continuing a series on Acts, and we’re up to the part in chapter 6 about Stephen, who is such a gifted debater that “…they could not withstand the wisdom and the Spirit with which he was speaking.” (Acts 6:10)

This is one of the guys they’d appointed to wait on tables. The eating/nurturing analogy again!

Pastor Jay summed it up for us with 4 things that Stephen was full of (and “full” meaning that it forces everything else out):

  1. Faith (v. 5)–faith trumped everything else; no matter what happened, he was obedient to God’s direction. As a result, he was full of
  2. Spirit and wisdom; and
  3. Grace (Acts 6:8), which means he was empowered with gifts/talents; and
  4. Power–when he exercised those gifts that God had given him, there were miraculous results.

Hmmmm, just thought of something… If being full of something forces everything else out, wouldn’t being full of “Faith” force out the “Spirit and wisdom”, or being full of that force out the “Grace”, etc.? Hahaha–just being a devil’s advocate here! Perhaps these things are all part of a whole, each one connected to the others. For example, wouldn’t “wisdom” be one of the gifts that he was empowered with, by the “grace” of God? ;)

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