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My word for the week could sure apply for a lot of things–a full life, days full of good things, full of thankfulness for so many things, etc. etc. Maybe I’ll have to see if there are specific things that can apply, to sum up the week, in a couple of days.

For today, I’ve been looking through my Pending photos, which are up to about 170 already, and that does NOT include the recent wedding photos! It’s impossible to choose a favourite photo out of them. So I’m sharing this one because I so love to sit around a campfire, which we have not been able to do for quite awhile. My sister however, has been able to.

campfire christine

Christine just moved to a new place as well. I’ve been thinking recently how different her new home is from mine: she is practically in the wilderness, and has some fantastic views there when she sits outside, looking over a hill. (But we both have hot tubs!) It’s the proverbial apples and oranges.

My parents’ place is quite different again, perhaps somewhere in between the two. As much as I love my new home, it’s still quite wonderful to visit Mom & Dad–they have tall, tall poplar and birch trees that are so lovely to watch and listen to on a breezy day! And of course, there are Mom’s myriad flower gardens, and then Dad’s wonderful forest paths. I can go for a walk on the trails right near our home to get the forest smells and see wild flowers, but there you just have to sit and enjoy them.

Aren’t we just so blessed?


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